Affirmations are one of the best methods you can include in your life. When it comes to being consistent with goals or having a cheerful life…using affirmations can help you to a great extent. A Complete Guide for Affirmations in 2021 is already provided by us, go check it now!

For our new friends let’s recall about affirmations, in short, affirmations are positive phrase that is used when we affirm something we want, it is used to bring our dream come true.

While using affirmations, you can change your working pattern, thinking pattern, actions, and behavior positively.

According to researchers…affirmations can change a person’s action and reaction at a great level!

When it comes to methods to use them, people ask how much they should recall an affirmation a day. Or what kind of affirmation they should say to start their day. Well, if your goal is to attract wealth, love, or a healthy and positive lifestyle then you must use affirmations associated with them.

But if you are happy with what you have then you must appreciate it using weekday affirmations. 

Weekday affirmations are those affirmations that are used specifically relegated to weekdays. It means, on Monday you will say Positive Affirmation for Monday to start your week. On Tuesday, you will recall Positive Affirmations Tuesday. This process is followed to weekend…

Day-to-day affirmations can vary as they hold different factors to boost your subconscious mind.

Using them on regular basis keeps your mindset on your goals. You will feel more focused on your work. Your think and act process will become optimistic, unproductive kinds of stuff will wash out from your peaceful life!

In this article, I will mention Weekday Affirmations on each day. Include them in your day-to-day life and you will see positive deviations in your lifestyle…

So, without wasting a single moment let’s move straight to the topic.


Monday Affirmations 

After adoring the weekend…we face lethargic Monday mornings. It’s Monday again! This means you have to work again for a whole week. Most of us don’t like to get out of bed but if we take this moment honestly…we can change our mindset productively.

Viewing Monday as an opportunity to improve you, will bring our goals a step closer. Settle down, stay calm, focus on the present, take a deep breath and start your day with a positive Monday affirmation! Affirmations for Monday will help you start a week with positive beliefs. They helped a number of people to achieve a successful and healthy lifestyle. So here I have listed some best positive affirmations to say on Monday. 

Using only a Monday Affirmations can help you to begin your week with optimistic energy!

Monday brings new possibilities and fresh opportunities to your life…


Monday Morning Affirmations: 

  1. I am starting this week, this day, and this moment with new energy!
  2. Today, I bring myself to freedom, love, joy, and optimistic growth.
  3. I am very excited for all blessings and opportunities this week will bring to me!
  4. Every week is a new prospect to get a step closer to my goals.
  5. I am going to invest my thoughts, my actions, and all my energy to make my dream come true.
  6. I open myself to everything the universe offers and I experience what is meant for me.
  7. There is no bound or expiry date to my efforts, I trust timing that it will happen!
  8. I trust my heart and follow the guidance of the universe.



Tuesday Affirmations 

Your words matter! They are keys to change your subconscious mind, what you think and imagine…it will gradually come true in your life. Affirmations hold power, when you allow them to reverberate through your mind…you get defined to your goals.

After Monday, your next step for the energetic week is a great Tuesday.

Some ma started their week with positivity and it still flowing in their intelligence while some may get indulged into unproductive or negative vibes! To regain the positive energy or to maintain its flow…you need to recall affirmation again.

This time we are going to use positive affirmations for Tuesday. After you get to wake up in Tuesday mooring…give yourself 5 minutes. Recall your goals, your dreams, and the things you want to manifest. Plan steps that will lead you towards your goals.

Most important, say an affirmation that helps you to indulge in productive actions.


Tuesday Morning Affirmations: 

  1. When I give deprived of expectations, I receive from the universe beyond expectations.
  2. I choose Gratitude as my attitude today and every day.
  3. Toda is a new day and it is bringing fresh starts for me!
  4. I don’t need to nervous because I am not at that point where I want to, but confidently I will!
  5. Sacrifices I make today will be worth one day.
  6. One day I will look back and say ‘Yes I made it.
  7. I am responsible for this moment to bring my dreams to come true.
  8. I emit assurance and grace wherever I go!



Wednesday Affirmations 

The third day of your creative week is Wednesday. It is also called The day of Wellness or Wealth. Wednesday holds a mid-position in your week so being confident and focused on your goals is very essential on this day!

On this day you might get totally ineffective or unclear. So you need some affirmations to boost up your mind.

We all need something that supports us while going through Wednesday. The power of affirmation is no more a myth, they will bring the best out of ours. Using them just after you wake up will be highly beneficial for your mental health.

Start your morning by saying Wednesday is just my day! Or follow some other affirmations listed below…


Wednesday Morning Affirmations: 

  1. Wednesday is going to be my day, I came across beneficial chances for what I am waiting for.
  2. Today I am going to a step closer to my goal. Wednesday is brought lots of possibilities.
  3. Wednesday is my day! While others are getting unproductive, I will do my best.
  4. Today is the center of my creative week and I am refocusing my opportunities.
  5. I am going to put my plans into action. I will work on them and be faithful to winning and wellness!
  6. I have trust in the power of the universe, it will protect me and create positive situations for me.
  7. Today I will push myself forward, I will not put any limit on my efficiency. I will receive the best I deserve.
  8. I choose to move forward every morning. I stop thinking about the past and focus on this moment.



Thursday Affirmations

It’s been a while when you started your working week. Each day you passed through different lessons. After using affirmations for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday now it’s time to focus on the next day that is Thursday.

This day gives opportunity and new hopes to do something productive and meaningful. As the week goes down…the chances of losing focus and energy become high. We might feel dull and lose our enthusiasm but using affirmations will avoid this situation for sure!

But don’t worry! I came up with some Thursday Positive Affirmations that can be used to boost energy and be active for own dreams.

Include some affirmations in your morning routine and go through them regularly. This process is quite long but effective as well. One can choose an affirmation depending on its desires…


Thursday Morning Affirmations: 

  1. I am full of happy thoughts and Thursday shall be a successful day!
  2. Today I am manifesting my dream and they are coming true simultaneously.
  3. I am moving out of my comfort zone to experience my life in a new way.
  4. I am excited about the upcoming things that Thursday is bringing to my life.
  5. My heart is open to loving and supporting people.
  6. I am aware that there is something that can change my life confidently!
  7. I am starting a healthy and happy lifestyle since Thursday mornings.
  8. I am in the expertise of my life.



Friday Affirmations 

The last working day of your week, till Friday…most of us got drained out of energy. Some people lose productivity while some try to maintain their energy. Till now you have used various affirmations, currently, it is time to re-boost your subconscious mind with fresh thoughts.

These thoughts will lead you to fruitful acts, memorizing an appropriate affirmation for few seconds will bring inner peace.

Also, Friday is known for love and affection. On this day you must recall you are all loved ones…whether they are your parent, faience, lover or children…love is required in all relations. To be a loving and appreciating person you can use positive Friday affirmations. 

Some of them are listed right below, check them now!


Friday Morning Affirmations: 

  1. I am safe I am happy. My family is healthy, safe, and happy. We are growing, love and affection exist among us!
  2. I agree with my decisions, they are useful for me.
  3. My heart is open to receive boundless love and affection.
  4. I accept and deserve unbound happiness on this Friday.
  5. Friday brings exactly what I asked from the universe.
  6. Today I am releasing unhealthy thoughts from my life and reorganizing them with healthy ones.
  7. I am a magnet of love and affection.
  8. I deserve good things and today it’s going to be the best day for me!



Saturday Affirmations 

Without exception…positive affirmations must become a part of our morning routine. These morning affirmations are created to deliver feat and delight. 

If we look more inside an affirmation, they will show several benefits in our life. It includes a reduction in anxiety and stress, an increase in positive emotions, an increase in confidence, an increase in clarity, and many more.

The power of repetition is slow but really amazing. When you stay consistent with this process it will help you while practicing. Recalling these affirmations every day will result in productive thoughts and actions.

On Saturday, the weekend gets started! But like all other days…we have to keep going energetic on this day as well. Saturday is a stress buster, after a busy schedule of working days…this day will balance your life.

I recommend using energetic and cheerful affirmations on this day. Some are as follows…


Saturday Morning Affirmation

  1. Saturday is far from Monday but close to Sunday and that makes it affable!
  2. I like Saturday because it is a stress buster.
  3. I am an unrelenting force capable of achieving my goals.
  4. My inner self, I am lovable and my heart is faithful.
  5. I trust this process, it is long and peaceful. I appreciate everything in it.
  6. I am healthy, I am proud of what I am. I am changing my life positively.
  7. I am unique, I am enough and today is my day to enjoy!
  8. Today is an amazing day, I will move through my day growing all of the things that I need to!


Sunday Affirmations 

The last but most effective day of the week, Sunday is here. From Monday to Friday we have shown great efficiency and done our best. On Saturday we enjoyed what we deserved. Now what to do on Sunday?

Well, Sunday is known for relaxation. On this day we have to focus more on relaxing and giving comfort to our body, it also feels like a reward for all the hard work we have done.

On Sunday, one should also give attention to upcoming plans. What you have to do for next week? How productive you were in this week? And what actions made you closer to your goal…should be considered on this day.

Now check out some affirmations for Sunday listed below…


Sunday Morning Affirmations: 

  1. Sunday is my day, today I will relax and give comfort to my body. Today I refresh and invigorate preparation for the effective week.
  2. It’s been a long productive week, now it’s time to recharge and regain the positive energy that takes care of me.
  3. I am disciplined and boosted for my goals, I am not afraid to make hard deviations!
  4. I am thankful to the universe for the wealth, health, happiness, and success it offered under different situations of my day-to-day life.
  5. I welcome changes in my life, I know they are adaptable and beneficial to achieve my dreams.
  6. Today I will offer more and more relief to my body and subconscious mind.
  7. I am good at whatever I do and I deserve to be treated with well-being!
  8. I think only productive thoughts.


Hopefully, you found this article useful! If yes then share your views in the comment section and let us know about your views on this topic and also share your positive affirmations which you use daily.

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