The connection between Health and Affirmations. 

Positive Affirmations for Health are really powerful for your healthy body and mind, start affirming health affirmations every day in the morning you will see great improvements.

Health is Wealth! When you think positive thoughts for your health…your body finds easier ways to be healthy. Powerful affirmations are keys to a healthy life as there is a direct connection between mind and body.

Some facts state that diseases are psychosomatic, which means most of the diseases occur due to unhealthy (negative) thoughts and emotions.

Let’s take an example, a person having sad emotions or negative thoughts will lower his immune system. And when the germs start entering your body or the germs that already inside your body can affect you more critically.

This means poor emotional condition decreases your overall body immunity.

So, what is the solution?

Well, emotions are the outcome of thoughts and thoughts…the can easily be controlled!

Here, comes the role of affirmations…they help in the formation of positive thoughts.

Hence, we are clear with the connection between health and affirmations.

In this post, I will cover Daily Morning health affirmations and their benefits. You will also get some powerful affirmation at the end of this post. So, let’s get started!


What are Health Affirmations? 


When we confirm that we are suffering from any illness, we take a rest and give break to our body.

In this process, we can use some affirmations. These affirmations are connected to health so they are said to be health affirmation.

These benefits will be discussed later in this post.

It is said that change your thoughts to change your life. Using these health affirmations will make this process easier!

Although you need to give importance to aspects like patience and constancy…these are keys to happiness.

We exercise to make our body fit, we eat healthy food to be well form inside…alike we need these positive health affirmations to get a healthy mindset.


Who can use Health Affirmations? 

This is asked by many, should I use health affirmations or not? I am already healthy so should I use it? Well, health is not a short term state!

As our body and soul remain continuous to the end…health is a long-term state of our body as well.

So, if you are fit and fine today…use should use affirmations to maintain this health.

Health affirmations can be used to overcome illness as well!

As they create a happy atmosphere…they are useful to recover fast.

I have seen people getting sad when they suffer any disease. Now, in this condition they start getting more and more ill, their mental health faces serious problems.

Here, affirmations are very beneficial as they boost your subconscious mind with positive energy.

When you practice these affirmations…your mind realizes these thoughts as reality.

If you think this process a little bit complicated, you should check our post on the Law of Attraction where I discussed how you can attract optimistic energy through your thoughts and actions.


Benefits of Health Affirmations for Body, Mind, and Soul. 


Till now I have discussed lots of benefits of health affirmations and their usage. They are very useful for mental health and overall body health improvement. Whether you wanted to grow immunity…health affirmations play an essential role.

Practicing them on regular basis keeps your mind calm and happy!

The benefits of health affirmations are not limited to your health. You will found improved focus on your love, your goals, your passion, and your healing ability. Focusing on goals makes you happy…it gives a joyful feeling as well!


  • Improvement in concentration.
  • Improvement in self-confidence.
  • Improvement in skills.
  • Improvement in quality of life.
  • Improvement in fighting against negativity.
  • Improvement in quality sleep.

So, there are no downsides in practicing affirmations…

Best Positive Affirmations for Health in 2021.

Now, you got sufficient information about health affirmations and it’s time to discuss some of the best powerful health affirmations! As I mentioned above, you need to keep patience…

I have divided health affirmations into categories…this will be convenient to select them.

Positive Affirmations for Wellness.

Positive -Affirmations -for-Wellness

  • I am happy and healthy!
  • The older I get the better I become.
  • I am at peace and calm.
  • I am a health freak.
  • I am getting healthy day by day.
  • I feel healthy and better every day.
  • As every day passes, I feel more and more energetic.
  • I am my own architect and I choose to be healthy.
  • I choose to be at a fit weight.
  • My body is healed with positive energy!


Powerful Affirmations for Well Being and Fitness.

Powerful-Affirmations-for-Well Being-and-Fitness.

  • I love and appreciate my body.
  • I am worthy of upright health.
  • I choose to focus on positive health.
  • I love to sleep relaxed and refreshing.
  • I care and love my body to be well!
  • I take care of my body and it’s healthier.
  • I love my health and the way I am!
  • My body deserves good health.
  • I am healthy!
  • I am grateful for my body.


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