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Powerful Positive Affirmations to Attract Love In Your Life.


These affirmations are really helpful if use it properly , best time to use these affirmation is morning time and before sleep during night.


Love always follows me everywhere i go.

Love Affirmations, quotes, law of attraction

I have opened my heart for love.

I know that my lover is out there.

I spread love to everybody around me and love returns to me in multiple times.

I am always attracting my soulmate.


I am powerful to give love endlessly.

I naturally attract lovely people everywhere i go.

love affirmations for couple

I welcome love with open heart.


I am being surrounded by love and happiness.

I am able to develop chemistry easily with people that i am attracted to.

So use these love affirmations daily for long term effect on soul and body. It will surely help you to attract the love you wanted in your life.


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