555 manifestation method

A Complete Guide to Manifestation 555.

One who got introduced to the Law of Attraction must hear about the Manifestation 555 technique or Manifestation 55X5 formula. If you want to read more about the Law of Attraction, check our article on A Beginner’s Guide to the Law of Attraction.


Manifestation refers to the same concept as Law of Attraction, they both states that ‘Our reality is directly connected through our actions and thoughts’. What you put energy into positive thoughts and actions…you receive the same optimistic energy.


This process of attracting desires is known to manifest. And for this different written manifestation methods are present. Manifestation 555 or 55X5 Manifestation is a popular technique to manifest something.


Among the Manifestation community, this topic has become popular. The reason behind this could all success stories that suddenly popped out.

In this article, I will discuss this method and its aspects.

So let’s get started.


What is the Manifestation 555 Method?

This method is all about practicing your affirmation regularly. It says to write down 55 times your desire for 5 days. Yes, 55 times! Basically…555 manifestation method is a rebuilding system for a subconscious mind. By doing so, you will be cleared on your goals.

The motive of this technique is to change a negative mindset through positive affirmations over 5 regular days, so you can create a direct connection with the robust regularity of your wants.

Now, this same is said in Law of Attraction. Everything consists of energy…we emit energy through our actions, thoughts, and emotions. When we think about a positive plan, we attract the same positive energy. On the other hand, when we feel nervous or sad…negative energy gets surrounded.

Whatever we manifest, we generate the same thoughts as well! Manifestation 555 is the perfect tool to attract our desires as it directly works on the subliminal mind.

Moreover, there are many things to keep in mind while practicing this method!


How to use the 55X5 Technique?

For this purpose, you need a pen, pencil and a notebook. However, the most important aspect of this process is patience! While practicing this method you have to keep high patience. Also, it demands 20 minutes from your daily life.

Below I listed simple steps which will help you to implement this method

Being in the present

The present tense is key in this process. To control your thoughts and actions, you have to connect your desires to reality. It is easy to receive when you already mark them as a fact like you can’t desire wind to blow…it already does! Also, this convinces you that your act is already done!

When you do this, your subconscious mind will create a positive impression and bring you close to your goals.


Choosing a right affirmation

What you will ask the universe? Of course your desires or wants! Now, it’s time to clarify your desires and manifest what you want. Be specific and pure. To get a positive result you have to be precise about the thing you manifest.

This will be easier when you focus on the right statement. All the magic lies behind a powerful affirmation. Create a particular affirmation for your desire, make sure it is simple and clear as well. If you want to create a powerful affirmation, check our guide.


Working on Affirmation

After choosing a correct affirmation, it’s time to bring it on paper.

Now, the core of this technique lies here. Writing your affirmation 55 times…regular for 5 days is an exciting way to manifest the goals. For some, this may sound like a burden but those who do this faithfully will receive it as well. Reading the affirmation loud and clear is the best way to focus!

Many people prefer this technique as boring. But it’s all up to you…giving 20 minutes for 5 days will bring ultimate pleasure to your life!


Keep patience

Be simple and keep patience. Once you complete manifestation…let it go! Obsessing your goals or spending extra time just to think about it, does nothing. Just hold your thoughts and control the actions. Use your energy and feelings in favor of the desires.


Why use Manifestation 55X5?

We have the right to know why we practice this method. And why to use 55X5 only?

The answer is…55 and 5 hold divine’s importance. Number 5 denotes transformation, change, and realignment. This is the perfect reason to choose this method!

It is a symbol of evolution and transformation. Number 5 inspires you to jump on a new path, on this path your desires are waiting for you. Using this number will bring transformation in your life and help you to reach a happier life.

Also if someone feels too busy to use this 555 Manifestation technique…he can use 369 Manifestation Method, 777 Manifestation Technique, Overnight Manifestation Technique, Manifestation Technique for Love, and other Written Manifestation Techniques as well.

You can also check a complete article on the 369 Manifestation method.


What to Do and Don’t?


To do:

  1. Constancy is the key! If you be consistent with this process…you will receive all your desires. Try to practice at the same time each day.
  2. Start or end your day with the 55X5 Manifestation method. It will boost you with powerful motivation.
  3. Don’t get distracted by practicing this. Be calm and enjoy yourself with others as well.
  4. Being in discipline is necessary for every process. This can take time but once you build discipline…you can sit for 20 minutes each day.


To don’t:

  1. Keep your desires private and don’t talk about this to anyone. Some people may hate it if you share this with them.
  2. Don’t use electronic devices like a laptop or phone, for practicing this method. Using pen and paper will give confidence.
  3. Quitting is never an option so, don’t quit this method! It may take some time or more than you think…but eventually if you keep patience, you will receive your wants.



So, we discussed a lot about Manifestation 555 and now it’s time to implement it in your life. Setting more and more goals after achieving them will bring all your wants into reality. All you need to follow is constancy!

I hope you like this article. If yes, you can share your manifestation in the comment box.



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