A Complete Guide to 369 Manifestation Method.

Manifestation is much similar to the Law of Attraction as both states ‘Our thoughts and actions affect our reality directly’. Implementing or learning them is as simple as thinking into reality. One who wanted a complete detail on this, or can check our Manifestation Guide and Guide to the Law of Attraction for beginners.

Attracting your wants refers to manifest something and for this, there are various written manifestation techniques as well. Among these techniques, Manifestation 369 is a popular method.

In this article, I will provide you complete aspects of 3,6,9 the Manifestation method.

One thing you have to keep in the process is Patience! This is an essential key to perform and get this method into your life.

Let’s get started.


What is the Manifestation 369 method?

This method came from the Law of Attraction ritual. 3, 6, 9 manifestation says to write your wants and manifest them. 3 times in the morning…6 times in the afternoon…and 9 times at night! This process should be followed for one or one and a half months.

From a social platform Tik Tok, this method became famous with others like the 777-manifestation technique, 555 manifestation technique, and the law of attraction manifestation technique.

It doesn’t mean to only write a sentence 18 times in a day but it motivates a person in the morning, in the afternoon, and at night…to focus on his goals! This meaning is not limited till here, its effect is much high in your day to day life.

Clark Kegley shared a video on the 3,6,9 manifestation method that denotes numbers 3,6 and 9 are sacred numbers that you see in your daily life. He also showed that no matter how many times you divide a circle…it will always equal three, six, and nine.

His video helped many to manifest their wants…if you focus on hard things, they will happen.


How this method invented?

Karin Yee invented this 369 Manifestation Method. She has a popular YouTube channel ‘Choosing Gratitude’. She teaches and lives in the Law of Attraction.

Karin mentioned that she was inspired by the work of Nikola Tesla (Physicist). Nikola stated that if you understand the true meaning of 3, 6, 9…you will have the key to success. This is the main reason as some people call this Nikola Tesla Manifestation Method as well.



How does 369 Manifestation work?

When you know what this technique means…now you must be thinking about how it works?

It starts by abstractly writing down your wants. You will find suitable words that describe your feelings and goals. Now, when you create them into a positive affirmation…you will be boosted with motivation every time you read. Let’s simplify by taking an example!


My desire: Own a Jaguar XF.

My emotions: Wealth and pride.

My affirmation: I feel proud and abundant…owning this Jaguar XF.


This is just an example, you will have your desires. From this, you might get an idea! Now hold a pen and paper and create your affirmation by using your desire and emotions.


How to use the 369 Manifestation Method?

Now you have enough knowledge about this manifestation and how it works. Using them in your life is the next step. As I mentioned before…keep patience and surround yourself with positivity. By following modest steps (written below), you can start using them.

  1. Create your affirmation by using your emotions and desires.
  2. Read it 3 times in the morning and start your day with motivation.
  3. In the afternoon, repeat it 6 times…this will help you to focus on your goal.
  4. Before bed, say your affirmation 9 times. This creates a positive effect on your mindset.
  5. Repeat this method for 1 to 2 months.


This is the simple and most used technique. However, people practice one more method in Manifestation 369. This technique is got popular when Kegley showed it in his videos. According to him, this is how you should use 3, 6, 9 Manifestation:


  1. Select 3 affirmations that you want to manifest.
  2. Read them 6 times regularly.
  3. Give 9 seconds to your affirmations, think, and focus on what you want.


When you think and focus on your goals, it becomes easy to make them real!


369 manifestation techniques, 369 manifestation example

More and more energy given to your wants, they will be manifest better…as you put your feelings, thoughts, and actions into them. Practice this technique for one or one and a half months, you will see improving results in your life. Be confident and patient…your desires will be manifest!

After getting inspired by this technique, she also showed the power of ‘Divine Numbers’ and how you can change your life by practicing them. Here, you have to focus 17 seconds on your desires to manifest them.


What to do and don’t while using this technique?

For some of us, this process will be exciting and for some, it is a new ritual. So, starting with small wants will be the best option. Select things that you want to happen but not obsessed with it. The Universe will do its work! Here, you are connecting your conscious mind to the Universe…your thoughts and feelings were attached as well.



So, you have completed the brief knowledge about the Manifest 369 method. Now…it’s time to start practicing this in your life. I recommend using this technique for 21 days to 1 month, it depends upon your constancy.

Once you achieve your desires through this technique, set new ones. And continue this process with positivity!

I hope you like this article. Share your manifestation techniques in the comment box as well.



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