Vision Board Law of Attraction – Start Manifesting Your Dream Life.


Vision board law of attraction may sound old, but having an own, will be an inspirational and creative idea.

It is a method you might have used earlier, but you don’t be aware of it at all. Have you ever set a To-Do List? And then, unfortunately, you forget to check it out…but later you discover that you completed the entire task without checking them!

Let’s take another example, do you sometimes take screen shorts of outfits you wanted to wear? Well, these are some doings almost similar to Vision Board.

People refer to these as Dream Boards, they are valuable devices in this field of Visualization. They are more than representing your goals, desires, and dreams of your life. They are inspirational collages!      

American author and motivational speaker Jack Canfield once said, ‘When you give some statements to your subconscious mind…it work untiringly to achieve them. And when these statements are images and affirmations related to your goals, you are fated to reach them!    

This all refers to powerful methods to achieve something straightforwardly.

Your mind strongly believes in visualization, and when you signify your goals in the form of images…your mind connects your emotions and actions to them. A picture holds more worth than thousands of words…this becomes true when your emotion activates the Law of Attraction.

Now, the question arises What is a Vision Board the Law of Attraction? and How to create a powerful visual board? These all questions will be answered in this article!

This article holds complete information on Vision Boards. Here, I will discuss some aspects related to it…its working, usage, and various ways to maximize your Visualization practice

So, stay connected as we have a lot to discuss!


What is the Vision Board Law of Attraction?   


Let’s make it straightforward…a dream board or vision board is a collection of pictures that symbolizes your aims! That’s all…

No! This not ends here. When you wanted to manifest something, there are a lot of techniques to achieve your goals. This contains ManifestationVisualization, and many more. By practicing them, you get close and closer to your goals.

If you are going to practice visualization, then the most useful tool is the vision board. It is a board that is has various pictures and words in form of a collage and this represents your dreams or goals for your ideal life.

The purpose of this board is to gather your energy and apply it to your desire and it helps in visualize your goals.

While every time you see those images, your senses let you focus more on your goals. Concentration and inspiration get increases through dream boards.

These goals can be connected to any part of your life, your carrier, business, love, friendship, or some aspects of your personal life. A vision board can be based on your desires as well, if you wanted to travel or you have any hope…have a dream board on that.

Let’s take a basic example, you want to be CA! Now, your vision board should contain some words and images that help you to focus on your goal directly. It should take you to your goal while visualizing them. Your dream board could consist of accounting firms or financing quotes as well.

Every single board is for a unique purpose and it affects in deferent ways!

Professional suppliers offer these boards that are made with posters and cork boards. It is a great way of visualization as all your goals are placed in one frame. Looking at them regularly and connecting them to the Law of Attraction is the best way, imagining them as they already become true activates the most powerful law.


How does a Visual Board work? 


Working on these dream boards are open, they mainly gather your maximum part of your focus and direct them to the things you wanted to manifest.

Let’s bring back our example, suppose you wanted to be CA now you must select some popular pictures of the best CAs in the world and your board should contain some inspirational manifestation as well. This will inspire you again and again.

Similarly, if your goal is to manifest love…your board must consider some loving quotes and beautiful couple images. You can add poetry as well. These things will refer to your true love.

Now, let’s look at some major objectives of dream boards.


What are the objectives of a Vision Board? 


Okay, we know what is a vision board but now, what is the purpose to use them? Well, the main objective of it is to clarify your goals and improve your focus. And it can be proven as:


It reminds your affirmations.

A vision board is also a reminder of your affirmation. In the busy day-to-day life, you might forget to sit and give time to your goals. The last time you thought about your dream is a must when you started reading this article, but you can’t read this regularly.

We forget to give our time to family and loved ones so how could we remember our goals. But when you use a dream board…you create a visual representation of your goals. And they remind you every day!


It clarifies your major goals.

Besides reminding, a visual board also clears your vision on goals. When you set a major goal, lots of obstacles and distractions get in your mind. But some powerful images can pure easily. Let’s take a simple example…’ I will be CA’, this is a straightforward goal and when you use words like this…it helps you to focus directly.

Whenever you get confused or separated from your journey, have a look at the dream board…it reminds you why you started. The objective is to improve concentration and focus.


It keeps you constant 

Imagine you are in the practice of visualization, you work hard daily for your goals. But one day due to some kind of reason you wanted to stop! Now, you got demotivated and down…all you want to do is QUIT. In this condition, you will go to your vision board and have a look at it.

All the hard work and patience, they need to pay off. You can read and realize the power that your goals hold. Now, it’s time to stand again and boost your mind with powerful thoughts!


Kinds of Vision Boards?


As I mentioned earlier, all vision boards are different and contain different goals. But, after knowing this, so that they can in physical and digital forms as well. Yes! You can create a Digital Vision Board in place of a physical board.

When we started this article, you must create a raw image of vision boards. A cut-out of cardboard hanging on your room with images and texts posted on it, and yes this is true. You can make a physical one by a portion of solid on which you can attach cardboard, sheet, or kind of picture. Get some pages, images, tape, and glue and show your creativity on a physical vision board.

Now coming on a digital one, these are pretty larger compared to a board one. This only includes copy paste work on any image-editing software. You can use GIMP, Paintshop, or the most popular one Adobe Photoshop.

Using both focuses on the same purpose but personally, I like digital ones. They are more convenient to use compared to physical boards. You can attach them anywhere that comes to face to face or you can just set it as a daily reminder as well. When I started practicing personal one, I just displayed it as a screen saver and desktop background…to remind me as much as possible.

These are some famous and most powerful methods of visualization.

Let’s take this further and categorized a vision board into three categories, based on their repetition.

We can classify them into three parts, an open vision board, an exact vision board, and a themed vision board. These are basic categories that represent the simple structure of your goal.


Open Vision Board

As the name suggests, these are used by those who are not cleared on their goals. If you have a wide-range on your goals or you or not have brief detail on your aims…you can choose a vision board with open representation.


Exact Vision Board 

Those who have clarity and sureness on their goals should use these vision boards. If you are sure what you want and what your life should be…go for exact vision boards. As you are a clear vision, you can direct your energy into a positive form.


Themed Vision Board

Now, for those who wanted to cover a specific theme or a particular area, these are used. They are a lot similar to others but the difference is it has a narrow theme.


How to Make a Vision Board? 

You read a lot about a vision board, now it’s time to know…the process of creating one.

Set your goals, take images, select some quotes, and connect your emotion to your thoughts. We are going to discuss some steps to make a vision board.

Have a look at them:

Chose and clarify the goals you wanted to achieve in the next few months

Knowing the exact valuable goals is the first step, have a clear mindset on what you wanted to achieve. Think about what you always wanted? What should your life look like? Give some time to this process and believe in your decisions.


Go through some positive publications and websites 

Most of us not have a good routine to go through some positive texts, but if you wanted to achieve your vision reading magazines and positive blogs is important. You can get the various source of this, or you can purchase sum as well.


Selecting images and texts        

Schedule some peaceful time from your busy day, and go through these blogs and magazines as it’s time to select some powerful images for text. Remember to select only those which are related to your goal and can inspire you throughout the process.

Take those makes you realize that you want them in your life.


Creating a beautiful collage 

Those who wanted a digital dream board can use software while, for a physical one you can get a poster paper and hardboard. A crock board is the best option in this case. Get glue, scissor, and some powerful affirmations, and let’s manifest some positive goals.


Complete when you are done

Most people don’t put much attention to their vision boards. Well, this is something you are going to see for a few months, so give the necessary time to complete it. You can add extra decoration as well. Try to read it twice or thrice a day. Best time, morning and before going to bed.



How to Use a Vision Board Law of Attraction Technique?

Starting your day with a first look at your vision board is a great step towards success. Try to keep them at the place where you look several times a day, for example, your study table or aside any mirror. Spending a suitable time is beneficial in your journey.

Besides reading, believing, affirming, and visualizing are important as well.

Try to focus on the thoughts you get whenever you look on your vision board. Once, you manage to control them, regulator your actions also. Each day, take some actions which bring your goals closer to you.


Vision Board Ideas  

There are some useful factors while having any vision board idea. Some key aspects are listed below, on which you need to focus while creating a dream board.

Have a look at them:


A quote that is selected for you and by you is self-affirmation. They are created to boost your subconscious mind with positivity. You can check a brief blog on Self-Affirmation.



Texts or words are great options while creating a vision board. They are flexible and contain powerful motivation as well.



To represent your goals with images, doodles are the best options. Check some online, these are useful to manifest desires as they have great emotional connectivity!



I hope you found this article useful! If yes, share your views on vision boards.

The comment section is open for you all!



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