Top 10 Best Law of Attraction Books you Should Read in 2021

The Law of Attraction is one of the most famous methods for manifestation. 

When you have a specific goal or desire…manifesting them requires great potential. If you are a regular reader of our website, you must be aware form this fact!

We have covered a complete article on the law of attraction, where you will know the benefits and uses of this law.

Do you have dreams? Do you have some goals? Or whether you want to attract something…the law of attraction will always there to support your thoughts.

Different person has alternate desires, one maybe wanted to attract love and maybe another wanted to achieve great abundance in life. But their method of manifestation will be the same!

If you are new to affirmations, read our complete guide to affirmations to know in detail about affirmations.

The more creative you wanted your journey should…the more you can add artistic methods. You can use affirmation cards, oracle cards, and many more aspects in this process.

In this article, we are going to discuss the 10 Best Law of Attraction Books in 2021. But before jumping straight to the topic, let’s understand the benefit and working of the law of attraction books.

So, let’s get started…


Why Books for the Law of Attraction?

A lot of people ask a question that what is more a useful, reading article or books. Well, the answer depends upon your way to read the concept and adapting in your life.

One can remain impractical if he doesn’t follow constancy in this process!

The word attraction is easy to read but tough to follow and adapt. But books are complete and brief coverage of this concept…they are meant for this purpose only. The role of Law of Attraction Books is very essential in manifestation as they simplify the concept of laws into small sections. One can understand by reading them one by one…

As this article is about the 10 Best Law of Attraction Books in 2021, we will also discuss books for beginners. They are written in a self-help manner so one can solve his own problems by reading them!

Other books are written on personal experience, authors have given true example that how they overcame their problems and attracted what they wanted to! Their success stories create a positive and inspirational impact on readers.

These books are a good way to boost up your mind with positive thoughts!    


Working of Books in your day to day life!

So you read the importance of books for the law of attraction but still, you may think does the law of attraction books actually works? The answer is Yes!

These books for the law of attraction works by creating happy and loving factors in your journey. As I mentioned previously, it is a long process so you might drop or change your goal. To remain constant and energetic…these books support your thoughts by providing motivational experiences.

You can start your day by reading a book and relating it to your life. You will start feeling joy and this will lead you to read more and more!

The next step will be adapting the concepts in your practical life. What important factors you read and learned in these books…it’s time to make them real.

Those who get confused about where to start… can create The Law of Attraction Planner. It is a great idea one can use, whenever he or she is practicing something positive!Best Law of Attraction Books you Should Read in 2021


1.The Power of Now 

A book by Eckhart Tolle that has been the #1 New York Times Seller! 

This book does not only cover the concepts of the law of attraction, but it also explains that you need to be happy and joyful…when you wanted to manifest something.








And most significantly…you should understand the value of the present. 

The writer has written this book in a modest way and if you are a beginner…it is a good way to start with!

2. As a Man Thinketh

Counted as the best self-help book, this is written by James Allen in 1903.

Through this book, the writer explained the power of thoughts and with this power how one could live a happy and successful life!







The Law of Attraction is described in a simple manner that how each man can overcome all good and bad situations. 

This book helps you to help yourself! 

3.The Power of Positive Thinking

Norman Vincent Peale, the writer of this book showed the importance of your thoughts!

Through this book, he tried to explain that behind every success…there is a positive mind. That mind leads to self-believe and self-love.


After reading this book, you will able to break bad habits.

You will stop worrying and get good control of your life. It is mentioned that your thoughts are not other than your experiences! 


4.Think and Grow Rich

Known as the motivation behind literature, this book is written by Napoleon Hill. 

This book includes some of the powerful concepts like the law of success, the law of happiness, and with no doubt the law of attraction. 

It has some topics like a milliner’s life and being happy in your life!

This book stands best in several aspects and it is worth reading…    

5.The Power of Your Subconscious Mind 

Joseph Murphy the writer of this book conveyed few wonderful thoughts through this beautiful book!

By reading this book you can find positivity in your mind and at the same time, you realize where you stand best.

We all have the power to manifest but visualization is a medium to retain this power.

While reading this book you will discover that gratitude for others is important as well in your life!


6.The Science of Getting Rich 

For those who wanted to attract success and abundance…I will recommend this book personally!

Wallace D. Wattles, the writer of this book given the importance and power of optimistic thinking. How your thoughts and ideas attract your desires.

If your goal is to attract wealth and money…you must read this book once!

This book consists of useful lessons on the law of attraction.


7.Throughout Vibration 

William W. Atkinson wrote this book with both laws of attraction and vibration concepts.

You must not aware of this fact but it is counted under the oldest books for the law of attraction. Here the writer talked about different laws on which the universe revolves.

In these laws…thoughts are energy fields and they can travel boundless!     


8.The Magic of Believing

This book holds powerful influencing factors as it is written by a successful businessman Claude M. Bristol. 

 The writer talked about many secrets and methods he followed himself to achieve success. And one of his methods was the law of attraction.

Through this book, you can easily learn visualization techniques and actions to achieve your goals!


9.The Master Key System 

Written very beautifully by Charles F. Haanel, in 1996.

This book is a powerful inspiration to do something good and helpful in your life. Famous writers god inspired as well from this book.

A motivational movie named The Secret got inspired from this book as well!

This book holds beneficial factors to manifest something in life. Through this book…you can understand the concept and techniques of the law of attraction.   




10.The Attractor Factor 

Joe Vitale the writer of this book wrote this with the great experience of life!

This book explains how attracting factor works. It is present inside everyone and we need suitable thoughts to retain them.

Through this book, you can learn to attract money, health, business, love, and many more aspects of your life.

Besides, the law of attraction also focuses on self-improvement and imagination! 

I read this book and found ample changes in my way of thinking.

This book will help you to get a positive attitude towards your desires. It is motivational and supportive!

A beautiful line in this book I loved is…You don’t need anything to happen and make you happy, you can choose to be happy. 


 Final Words

These are the 10 Best Law of Attraction Books in 2021!

You read about some famous and powerful books in 2021, these hold some inspirational concepts for your life. Reading any one of them will create a positive impact on your thoughts as well as actions.

When it comes to the Law of Attraction…most of us run for following the process directly. But the correct and useful way is to first read then understand and at last starting this method of manifestation.

Choosing among these 10 is not a difficult task. You have a good introduction for each, read and find out which one will be most beneficial for you. Some may go for The Power of Subconscious Mind, as it holds valuable concepts of positivity. While some may like to read Think and Grow Rich where they will find beautiful ways to look into your life!

Everyone has different goals and their way of attracting them will also be different!

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I hope you found this article useful! If yes let us know in the comment section. Also, share your views on the law of attraction and if you know any other famous book for this…mention that as well…


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