Top 10 Affirmation for Peace & Calmness


Top 10 Affirmation for Peace & Calmness

Peace Affirmations are good for getting your mind calm and relax during the whole day, it helps you to make better decisions in life.

•I allow peaceful and healing white light to flow through my body now

•I foster calm energy in my mind, body, and spirit

•My body feels peaceful energy flowing in and around me regularly

•I choose calm energy now

•Tranquil and soothing energy flows easily to me and I am able to shift to calm energy whenever I desire – I let go of upsetting energy and embrace peaceful energy in its place

•I choose to have a peaceful day

•I allow tranquil and serene energy, thoughts, and things to flow easily to me -In this moment, I am safe

•I will stop worrying about everything

•I will do what I love to do

•I will let life play out in my own way


If you are new to affirmations, read our complete guide to affirmations to know in detail about affirmations.

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