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What are Affirmation Cards ??

Starting the day by drawing an oracle card or an affirmation card creates an optimistic moment in your life. It creates a great impact on your actions and thoughts all over the day. Several successful personalities related this process as a key behind their happiness and success.

These affirmation and oracle cards not only boost positivity but also develop a better relationship between you and your mindset. They are a great option to stay inspired and motivated. To take advantage of these cards need no experience, keeping self-care as a priority…these affirmation cards are for everyone.

This article will provide a positive deck of affirmation cards. Among these…one will confidently help you to engage with positivity, achieving success, or loving yourself.

Here, we will cover some essential points like How to use Affirmation Cards, the Basic difference between Oracle and Affirmation cards, and Points related to affirmation cards.

We all need to build self-confidence and improve creativity. So, let’s get started!


How to use Affirmation Cards.

There are no tough rules to follow them! It is a simple process on which your thoughts and actions are based. It can be developed on your needs as well.

Using these cards can be done by pulling a card once in the morning or whenever you need to boost your emotions. Whenever you are in hurry…just take out your affirmation card and focus on that moment. For those who are looking for clarity or emphasis…reading an optimistic card will help them out.

Every card has its unique affirmation so choosing it for a particular goal is important as well. If you are lacking motivation then an inspiring card will boost you up. These cards can be used to improve areas of your existence.

Besides, this process…there are several more methods that can be used. Some of them are as follows:


Regular Pulls

The best way to use affirmation cards is by…keeping them where you check regularly. Keep them on your desk, in your purse, or somewhere you never forgot. Now, this will help you to read them daily and you can keep them in mind…throughout the day.


Before Meditation

If you are fond of mediation, then using a positive affirmation as a meditation mantra will be the best way. Pick a card before you go for mediation and practice it while you meditate.



Most of us create various questions in a day! So, if you pull a card whenever you have a question about your life…it will give you a positive answer. Like…What affirmation will be helpful with my happiness?



This is a creative way to keep affirmation cards. Pate your favorite cards on your desk, bathroom mirror or string them in your bedroom with fairy lights! It will set a reminder in a beautiful manner.


Using Mirror

Putting your affirmation card on the mirror will boost you with confidence. Stick your card on the mirror and read it loud! Maintain eye contact with yourself…this will create special magic on your assurance.


Spread Positivity

Last but not the least, you can also gift affirmation cards to your friends or loved ones. This will spread positivity in your friend circle…it has a direct impact on your life as well. If someone is going through a specific situation then just offer them a card related to it.


What are Oracle Cards?

Oracle cards are created without following any rule, they can be themed or maybe not! These cards are helpful to touch your inner truth and intuitions. They are used to unlock your inner creativity and other potential skills…they can be imagery as well.

However, affirmation cards are quite different! These can be memorized easily, written in the first person, and most importantly they are short and inspiring. Repeating them regularly in mind stables positivity in your mind…throughout the day. Affirmation Cards are used to develop a positive mindset.

Whether you use an Oracle or Affirmation Card, you can easily connect with the words and boost inspiration in your life. They will help you to develop self-love and practice self-care thoughts. Self-love is useful to have a happy relationship with family, friends, or with yourself.

Replacing negative thoughts will become easier through these cards!

The best thing about affirmations is they don’t need to be complicated…it is a short statement made up of powerful words. When they are used on cards, they impose a positive effect on our life. Some of my favorite affirmations are as follows:

  1. I accept myself as I am and who I will continue to be.
  2. I know I can do this.
  3. Good things are going to happen.
  4. I open my eyes to receive an extraordinary ambulance.
  5. I am confident and courageous.
  6. Each journey is a work of art.
  7. Live free, live happily.
  8. My dreams are valid.
  9. I choose to invest in myself.
  10. I hold space for those I love.


Concluding my Words.

With several affirmation cards…you are achieving the best version of yourself and this will result in a step closer to your success. These affirmation cards and oracle may help you for short time and for a long time…in both cases, they are helpful and valuable.

Be relaxed while approaching these cards! And recall that ‘What efforts you put in your mind and action…you will receive the same’ this is stated by Law of Attraction, you can read about it in an article.

So, I will conclude this article by remarking that when you have an optimistic mindset while approaching these cards…you will create a strong connection with yourself.



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